Jan 18, 2024 Rob Harris

Why choose HubSpot CMS Hub Starter?

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HubSpot CMS Hub Starter tier, has enabled HubSpot to widened its target audience to a lot of WordPress users, who are used to only paying for hosting for their website. In this article, I’ll outline the key benefits of migrating, or building your website, on HubSpot CMS Hub Starter.


What is HubSpot CMS Hub Starter?

The HubSpot CMS Hub has been available for some years now, but only until recently it offered the Pro and Enterprise tiers which start at £330 ($400) per month. With a high monthly price, they were targeting larger and more established businesses who were serious about their website marketing efforts. 

Then, along came the HubSpot CMS Hub Starter tier, which only costs £21 ($25) a month. With a drastic price reduction, this has enabled startups and small businesses to start using the CMS Hub. It offers a low cost, user-friendly, and effective solution to deliver results and help grow their business fast.

The HubSpot CMS Hub Starter features drag and drop editing, flexible themes and free templates, local development, premium hosting and more, for just £21 per month. The platform automatically takes care of all maintenance and comes with an SSL certificate, 24/7 security monitoring, and web application firewall.




With the HubSpot CMS Hub Starter, you also need to take full advantage of HubSpot’s free and fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) software. Using this will allow you to truly leverage your inbound approach for attracting, engaging, and delighting leads. With it, you can track emails and deals, schedule meetings, use chat functions, view reporting dashboards, and a lot more.

The HubSpot CMS Hub Starter tier does have some limitations - such as only having one blog, and a maximum of 15 website pages - but at only £21 a month, it is much more competitive with WordPress and other inexpensive solutions. If you add in the rest of the free HubSpot tools, you have a lot of possibilities.


Is HubSpot CMS Hub Starter worth it ?

Still struggling to decide if the HubSpot CMS Hub Starter tier is right for you? Allow me to outline why it’s the perfect solution for your website. 



The price of the CMS Hub starter is only £21 a month which is very reasonable for all of the tools it comes with, and very competitive compared to other solutions on the market. For comparison, this is the same price as Squarespace, which currently also charges £21 a month on their most popular business plan. 

“But what about WordPress though, that is free?”

WordPress is free to an extent, but you still have to pay for hosting. A decent but affordable website hosting option that I would personally recommend would be Cloudways, which costs £10 a month to host a website with average page views. 

A lot of businesses using WordPress get upsold a maintenance package which could cost anywhere from £50+ a month. For this privilege, someone keeps tabs on their WordPress core, and ensures plugins are kept up-to-date. However with HubSpot CMS Hub, this is not needed as all maintenance is automatically taken care of for you.  



Security should always be a high priority with your website for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s never been more important to keep your user’s data secure, and secondly, to protect your brand and reputation.  

With the CMS Hub, you get premium hosting which is also delivered on a content delivery network (CDN), to enable faster load speeds from anywhere in the world. You also get a standard SSL certificate, custom domain security settings, and an enterprise-class web application firewall to detect any potential attacks before they pose a threat to your site. With the option to have two-factor authentication logins, HubSpot is the most secure CMS out there. 

HubSpot has become famous for its simple and intuitive interface, and the CMS is definitely in line with that user-friendly, straightforward style. Put simply, you don’t need to be a front-end developer, or have any real tech experience to create visually great and effective website pages or blogs. Just install a theme from the marketplace, and away you go using the drag and drop interface to your desire! However if you do need something more custom, HubSpot has thought about the developers' needs also; enabling them to use the tools they are used to so they can build new modules in a modern developer environment with the use of the HubSpot command line interface (CLI).  



Forever Googling for when you get stuck? Being a HubSpot customer enables you to reach out to one of the support teams at any time of the day. You’ll have access to 1:1 technical support via email and in-app chat support. This means if you’re ever stuck or have a query to ask, then there’s an official support route on hand. No need to rely on community resources anymore.



Maintaining your website can always be a never-ending cycle. With constant updates as technology is forever advancing, it has always been a necessity to keep your systems updated and patched for those security fixes. 

HubSpot however looks after this for you; taking on all the stress and responsibility. This means no more expensive maintenance packages to pay for, and no need for a developer to update your plugins every month either. Your resources, money, and time can be better spent elsewhere concentrating on the important things that your business needs. 


Quick recap of the CMS Hub starter features


  • Premium hosting.
  • Content delivery network (CDN).
  • Standard SSL certificate.
  • Web application firewall (WAF).
  • Custom domain security settings.


  • Website themes.
  • Drag-and-drop editor.
  • Local website development.
  • App and asset marketplace.


  • All free tools.
  • Live chat.
  • Forms.
  • Reporting dashboard.



Choosing HubSpot CMS Hub Starter for your next website is a no-brainer. If you need a simple website that’s easy to use, with 15 pages or less, then this platform offers significantly more functionality and flexibility than its competitors. 

As your website needs evolve, so can the HubSpot CMS to meet those expanding requirements with its Professional and Enterprise solutions. Having the HubSpot marketing, service, and sales Hub intertwined into one ecosystem will turn your business into a growth machine.

As always, we are here to help and happy to give you an honest opinion if the HubSpot CMS Hub starter is right for you. Get in touch with Betta Webs today or feel free to connect and message me directly on LinkedIn.

Published by Rob Harris January 18, 2024
Rob Harris