Developers make great websites. Marketers make them better.


Our story

Betta was founded on one key realisation. The traditional website development process is broken.

Businesses pay tooth and nail for a website on a common platform like WordPress. Their new site has all the bells and whistles, but they don’t know how it works. Our customers were coming to us when they didn’t see a return on investment. With expensive developer fees whenever they wanted to make a change, business websites were quickly becoming outdated.

We built a better system. Using years of experience creating websites for a marketing agency, the key principles of lead generation are the foundations of a Betta website. Powered by HubSpot, a world-leading marketing solutions provider, Betta websites are beautiful, functional and fast.

A modular design and simple CMS interface means your marketing team can take the reins, create new landing pages, add content and build case studies without the need for a developer.


Powered by HubSpot

As HubSpot partners, we utilise this highly CRM-compatible platform to create modular websites that are easy to manage and look professional. With full freedom to create something that matches your branding and vision, we create modern, fast and brand-centric websites that meet the needs of our clients. Using HubSpot, we can achieve this goal, helping you reach long-term lead generation success.

Our Core Values

At Betta we are committed to what we stand for - it’s how we always deliver consistent success for our clients.

Creating high-quality websites that are functional and effective.
Realising your on-point website design vision, based on your branding.
Supporting clients to develop the building blocks for incredible lead generation.
Excellence in service for both one-time customers and long-term clients.

Our Betta Webs Founder

Rob Harris

Rob has more than eight years of experience in creating and developing websites across a wide range of platforms. He uses his expertise and knowledge to provide professional web design and development services to clients, focusing on CMS-compatible, lead-generation development that exceeds client expectations. With more than eight years of expertise in digital marketing in general, his skill and knowledge are invaluable for creating on-point bespoke websites that are as powerful as they are well-designed.

Rob Dando

An entrepreneur from the very start, Rob built his first business at 13, teaching himself to build websites from his childhood bedroom. After leaving school to set up an internet café, Rob’s digital career evolved through website development and digital marketing services. Today Rob leads a growing team of marketing specialists in a £1.5m turnover agency, and brings valuable experience to drive strategy and growth at Betta Webs in his capacity as co-founder.


Charlotte Collier

Charlotte has over a decade of experience in all things digital, and has a skill for making complex things simple. In her career so far, Charlotte has worked as a PHP developer, a designer and a front-end developer. Charlotte is now Head of Operations at FINALLY Agency, leading a team of marketers to deliver award-winning results, and brings her project management and operational skills to her position on the board at Betta Webs.