Apr 04, 2024 Rob Harris

HubSpot Content Hub: Full Guide to Pricing, Features, and Benefits

In April 2024, HubSpot launched the Content Hub, revolutionising content marketing with an AI-powered platform that enhances efficiency and engagement. This significant upgrade from the CMS Hub, paired with the innovative Marketing+ bundle, aims to redefine content creation, management, and marketing automation into a cohesive strategy. Let's explore the vast capabilities of the Content Hub, its features, the Marketing+ bundle, and how they collectively transform content marketing.

Understanding HubSpot Content Hub

HubSpot's Content Hub marks a significant evolution from CMS Hub, incorporating advanced AI to enrich the creation and management of content across the customer journey. It offers a broader scope to meet the dynamic needs of modern marketers, making it an indispensable tool for content strategy.

Comprehensive Features of HubSpot Content Hub

The Content Hub introduces a suite of features designed to supercharge your content marketing efforts:

  • Content Remix: Transforms a single piece of content into multiple formats, such as infographics and social media posts, extending reach and impact with minimal effort.
  • Brand Voice: Utilises AI to ensure new content reflects your brand’s unique tone, enhancing consistency and engagement.
  • Scalable CMS: Supports the creation of dynamic, SEO-friendly websites, growing with your business needs.
  • AI Blog Writer: Generates complete, optimised blog content from simple inputs, streamlining content production.
  • Lead Capture: Integrates with HubSpot forms for efficient lead collection and management within the CRM.
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting: Offers insights into content performance, driving data-driven decisions.
  • Video & Podcast Hosting: Diversifies content formats, supporting multimedia content distribution.
  • AI Translations & Post Narration: Expands global reach with nuanced translations and converts blog content into accessible audio formats.

The Marketing+ Bundle

With the Content Hub's introduction, HubSpot also unveiled Marketing+, a bundled offering that merges Marketing Hub and Content Hub at a discounted rate. This bundle efficiently captures leads and delivers relevant content throughout the customer journey, embodying a holistic approach to content marketing. 

Pricing and Packages

HubSpot's Content Hub and Marketing+ bundle cater to various business needs:

  • Starter: £14 ($15) per seat/month for entry-level access to AI content tools and CMS features.
  • Professional: £396 ($450)/month for 3 seats, including expanded features like Content Remix.
  • Enterprise: £1,310 ($1500)/month for 5 seats, offering a full suite of features for extensive content operations.
  • Marketing+ Bundle: Provides special pricing for just £783 ($900)/month integrating Marketing Hub and Content Hub, optimising the content lifecycle.

Implementing Content Hub and Marketing+ in Your Strategy

The integration of Content Hub and the Marketing+ bundle offers a unique opportunity to elevate content marketing strategies. However, successfully implementing these new features may require careful planning and adaptation. Betta Webs is poised to assist organisations in navigating these advancements, ensuring they leverage these tools to achieve unmatched marketing success.

Whether you're considering the Content Hub or the comprehensive Marketing+ bundle for your team, Betta Webs is here to guide you through each step. Our expertise in utilising HubSpot's suite of tools can transform your content marketing strategy, ensuring it is not only effective but also future-proof.

Adopting HubSpot's Content Hub and Marketing+ bundle is an exciting step towards enhancing your content marketing efforts. Contact us to explore how these platforms can revolutionise your content marketing landscape, driving growth and engagement in the digital age.

Published by Rob Harris April 4, 2024
Rob Harris